We are continuing our series but from a new location. See the video above for more specific directions! 

Humans are forgetful creatures. Worship is the way we remind ourselves of the gospel we are believing. It is in the reminding that we come to love deeper.  

Through song, liturgy, teaching, communion, and story we reawaken ourselves to the better story.

"Route 66: Hope's Highway" is our continued sermon series in 2020. 

Route 66 is a famous highway in the United States that was once the primary link from Chicago to L.A. During the Great Depression thousands of people migrated on this highway in hopes of a better life in California.  The journey was hard but hope in something better kept people trudging forward in joy and not despair.

I believe a spiritual highway of hope exists for all humanity. There is a pathway for us to walk upon which is full of hope and goodness even in hard times. I believe all 66 books of the Bible merge to form hope's highway for us. From the Scriptures emerges the best highway humanity has to travel on. 

In this sermon series, we will endeavour to get a glimpse or two of each book contained in the Bible. 

We will learn what they mean, how they fit together and how God is speaking hope to you through them.