It's one thing to read a book about hockey, it's a whole other matter to get on the ice and play. The same is true for the Christian life. I think we Christians have become masters at gathering information, our heads are full of Christian data. Our faith has incredible preachers, podcasts and books. The word is out as to what we Christians need to do with our lives, but are we doing it? In many cases, the answer is no. There is a growing gap between knowing the gospel and spreading the gospel into everyday life. 

What is Meta School? — Meta School is a fully immersive opportunity in which you will join us as we live out the gospel in the rhythms of our everyday life. For a handful of days, you will be taught much in the way of missional living, but the indispensable benefit of this school is that so much more will be caught as you walk with us. You can expect the curriculum to be theologically rigorous, and the week to be intensely practical. Our goal is to help you see with clarity and conviction that the church is nothing less than the people of God on mission together in the everyday. 

Who is this for? — This opportunity is for current & prospective church planters, Christian leaders and dedicated followers of Jesus. (Singles or Couples) 

Who are the Wilkinsons? — Dennis & Mistin Wilkinson and their 4 children moved to the West End of Vancouver in 2011. Their mission field is a 10 block by 10 block area that is inhabited by 50,000 of some of the most diverse and wonderful people you will ever meet. The West End is the heart of the LGBTQ community for Western Canada. It is home to immigrants from over 50 different countries. Young families, the elderly, students, dumpster diving homeless people and the ridiculously rich are all part of this incredible demographic. 

We started Meta Communities by meeting the neighbours; by being present, available, and intentional; by volunteering at the school, and serving at the local community centres; and by sharing lots and lots of meals together! Our little band of Christians is small in number, but the Gospel’s influence grows every day in our neighbourhood. 

Most of the people we know and love think Christianity is a fraud and Jesus is a myth, what can be done? Nothing unless God moves a heart, but God does move hearts especially when his people throw down roots in a neighbourhood and become servants and lovers of the people and places of that neighbourhood. You will find yourself right in the middle of this mix, sleeves rolled up, learning as you go. 

Contact Dennis Wilkinson at [email protected] or call at 778-855-6670 for more information. 


Cost is $1000 for the week. 

        Merely opening our doors each Sunday is no longer sufficient. Offering good products is not enough. What is clear is that great swathes of North America will not be reached through Sunday morning services. Since the Bible no longer has authority in public discourse increasingly less and less of our population has any interest in church attendance whatsoever. Our persistent “come to us” mind set suggests that we really believe that people who refuse to come in the front door are beyond the reach of Christ. We cannot assume people will come to us. We must go to them.  

  However you do church, let it be nothing less than the people of God on mission together. In this way we are a city on a hill and a light of the world.  Everyday church fills everyday, but it does not necessarily fill it with extra activities. It’s fundamentally a matter of becoming intentional about the everyday stuff of life.

—  Tim Chester & Steve Timmis  Everyday Church

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