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Hebrews 12

Discipline — I do bad things, my father punishes me so I learn not to do bad things.
Discipline — My father puts me through challenging circumstances to make me a better person.
It’s the latter discipline that the author of Hebrews is talking about.
It is hard to view unjust persecution as some sort of “discipline” coming from the loving hand of the Father.
Be encouraged:
vs 3 — It’s not that bad, compare yourself to the sufferings of Jesus and find relief.
vs 7 — This difficulty is evidence that God is your father, he is busy at work making you better. The refinement process is painful, but it means someone (God) is refining you
vs 10 — The more we suffer, the more we share in Christ’s holiness, that’s actually a really really good thing. To be more like Christ is the goal & suffering for his sake fast tracks us to that goal.
vs 11 — Try to look beyond the pain, after the season of “training” is over there will be a greater depth of peace and righteousness