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Psalms 63:1 -- I earnestly search for you....

This means that God is hard to find sometimes. This means that God is not always clearly seen. This means that there are times when you feel alone. 

But in those "parched and weary land" times David will 

  1. Thirst for God
  2. Long for God
  3. Remember the times when he felt close to God
  4. Praise God
  5. Pray to God
  6. Think of God
  7. Meditate on God
  8. Sing to God
  9. Cling to God
  10. Trust in God
  11. In Narnia, it was centuries between visit's. Asland for reasons beyond the understanding of the talking beasts was absent. But the faithful remembered, they believed and reflected, they sang and worshiped, they longed for and by "Aslands Mane" they would not let his memory slip. This is what faith is, this is what faith does. Is this stupid? No, in fact everyone exercises faith. It's not if we have faith it's what we have faith in. For many, faith never extends beyond themselves. For others faith is in science, others put their faith in power or money or sex or friends or culture. Faith in these things always ends in bitter disappointment.