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I have always loved stories like Elijah's calling down fire from heaven and proving before the masses that his God was the Mightiest ever! As a child, my faith grew on Mary Slessor and Hudson Taylor and George Mueller. There has always been a strong desire to be the kind of woman who could boldly declare my faith before cannibals and witch-doctors and to KNOW that God would come through. My life has definitely changed w/ marriage and the arrival of each of our four children. Most days it is difficult to muster up faith like Elijah and Patricia St. John or Amy Carmichael amidst the diapers and dishes.

Last evening I heard a story about how God so very clearly spoke to a dear friend of mine using her deepest fear. I asked God this morning to be that real to me too.

Today I had my moment - in the midst of my motherhood. . .

Jemma and Darve were able to visit a dentist for free at the community center. In the room were three dental students from the local university, two administrative people and one actual dentist along with Darve (3 yrs), Jemma (1.5 yrs) and me. Jemma went first and she _FREAKED_ out!!! She screamed and clung and fought while Darve quietly observed and held a death grip on his cold metal chair. After Jemma's ordeal we calmed her down and buckled her into the stroller and they said "OK, Darve, it's your turn". He bolted to a corner and began to scream hysterically. The "stop crying" that usually works wasn't even heard - he was out of his head w/ fear. I picked him up and held him to my chest and he would NOT settle down - then it came - my Elijah moment.

The only thing I know to do when I'm in a panic is to pray so I asked for a minute and w/ all those strangers in a circle around me and my son, I prayed OUT LOUD that Jesus would make Darve brave and calm his little heart. I didn't even give thought to whether or not God would answer this prayer - we just prayed. Within seconds, the boy was calm and even cheerful through his dental exam. The people around us marveled at what a good boy he was and I marveled at what a great God I have to answer my prayer and give ME courage to face my fear of what people will think of me.

As we left, the dentist was very complimentary of the children and she said that if there were more moms like me, her job would be so easy. Thank you God for showing up for me like you did for Elijah and Mary and Patricia and Amy and George. Thank you for showing me to trust you in my own day-to-day life as a Mom. Thank you for being the kind of God who allows me to call down your peace from heaven for the sake of my terrified little boy.