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Biblical Masculinity -- Yuri Solomon.

    What I like about the book:    

    Describing masculinity in terms of providing, protecting, and pursuing a woman, rings true with me. This is what the Bible is talking about when it speaks of headship. The man is to be responsible for the woman, this is the way life needs to be if men are to be men.
    Feminism has come along and disoriented men regarding their role. According to the feminist men are not “needed” at all, perhaps wanted, but not needed. If providing, protecting, and pursuing woman is not now what it means to be a man, then what? Men will provide, so now they provide for themselves, men will protect so now they protect their own ego’s, men will pursue so now they pursue their own fantasies. The emasculation of men is a huge problem for both genders. If women would let men rediscover their identity by allowing, by “needing” men to take responsibility the world would be a happier place.
    It does seem like their was a role reversal in the garden of Eden. The man should have taken responsibility when the temptation came, and helped his wife to turn away from the sin, in stead he didn’t say anything and meekly obeyed the demands of his wife. The mans inability to be responsible and the woman’s desire to usurp the man is a problem repeated innumerably in human history.  
    Covenant relationship is the only way forward. Ill-committed men abound, a man must pursue a woman, win her passion, honor and respect, and then be needed to protect and provide. The covenant must merge their hopes and futures together.

    What I did not like about the book:

    He does make the distinction between male and female too harshly at points. According to Yuri the woman is to submit and obey, that’s her role period. The word “submit” is a poisoned word in our culture, and obedience is a term more appropriately suited for the child parent relationship, or the sergeant soldier relationship. When discussing a woman’s role as “helper” I think it’s paramount to point out that the man also serves his wife as Christ does the church. Both male and female help each other. That is not abundantly clear in this book.

    He is too strong in his words for example a man must exercise “firm and stern rulership.” This sort of language smacks of dominance which is not the right picture of Godly marriage.
    He fails to speak the truth on a number of occasions. “A woman is not a visionary, she cannot autonomously hear from God as it relates to directing the family”. This is simply not true, God can and does speak to both genders about what ever he wishes. What the woman might do with that information, or how she presents it to the man are important considerations but to simply cut the woman off from the leading of the Spirit in this area is an idea that certainly does not come from the Bible. “She is not able to discern right and wrong as can the man” Indeed it is sad to have written such a thing, Biblically, historically, and experientially this is not true, lack of discernment is a problem rampant in both genders. “For her to lead is like the child leading the parent.” Really? This is absolutely bogus. In the home leadership is delegated, shared might even be a better term, also leadership, which is a spiritual gift is not limited to a certain gender, Wise responsible men empower and release leadership regardless of gender. To equate a child leading an adult as being the same as a women exercising some leadership in the home is both untrue and unhelpful.