West End Families in Action

West End Families in Action

To represent the needs of children and youth and to make the West End a welcoming place for all families.

We are thankful and supportive of the good work that WEFA does in our neighbourhood. 

If you want more information about them check out their blog here: https://wefavancouver.wordpress.com

We enjoy monthly family dinners with our WEFA family and invite you to participate as well. 

5 p.m. at 1019 Broughton St on the following dates:

  1. September 16
  2. October 21
  3. November 18
  4. December 6
  5. January 20
  6. February 17
  7. March 7
  8. April 21
  9. May 12
  10. June 16


Upcoming Events

West End Family Night

Saturday, April 21, 2018 & other dates